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Too long in my life… I failed to take the proper action. My signature story starts out as the product of a single-parent home of humble means. I have little guidance in life and the influence I soak in isn’t exactly great. I eventually get fired from High School and was told as I was leaving “A kid like you will never amount to anything”.

It took a long time to stop going out of my way to prove him right. But even as I found myself excelling at employment as a workaholic, gaining rungs of the ladder… I still wasn’t leading. I was crushing. I was pushing and driving myself to success at all costs, and alienating just about everyone around me.

This became evident in the Automotive industry as I drove the numbers. Push, push, push… but when the Customer Satisfaction Index scores came in, I wasn’t where I thought I should be. I did the normal thing – blamed those idiot customers and lazy co-workers. Heaven forbid it should be my fault?!?!

This led to an internally driven pursuit of leadership training…

I began to soak up books. Stephen Covey, John C. Maxwell, Joel Osteen, L. Ron Hubbard, Bible, Qur’an, Tony Robbins, Russel Brunson, and Pedro Adao. For business, I jumped into Kevin Cope and Jeffrey Gitomer. All of this study and conversations with peers that study this topic began to lead me down a different path. Soon I was writing the book “Action Leadership From the Edge” and focusing on a new perspective on Leadership training.

Glad you could make it.

Action Leadership From the Edge


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