VIP – Live Sessions

This is the meeting place for the do’ers. It’s not that people here are better than anyone else… it is a place for those that are more committed to our message of Action Leadership. VIP – is a semi-restricted category of membership at Action Leadership Team as we are devoted to providing the best, premium, interactive leadership training and coaching experience we can.

So how does it work? Those in the VIP membership are added to a segmented list in our email system. When we schedule a live session — it is sent as an email notification. The session is hosted right here in the site and your VIP access is what gives you access to this restricted event. So what makes it special? Another great question…

What makes VIP Live Sessions so special is the real-time interaction between members and staff of the Action Leadership Team. We talk real-world and leave political correctness to your Twitter Feed. We discuss brass tacks and problem solve the items that hold down potential leaders around the globe.

This course does not have any sections.

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