Below you will see an embedded video message. What makes it cool? You can play it to find out 😉

What I really love about the embedding of this product is that it invites people to interact. By having a video that people can reply to, you have created a channel of communication that feels incredibly personal — but respects your time in the idea that it is Asynchronous. It is not live. For live sessions, I can show you how to embed ZOOM into your site. But ZOOM requires either staffing or scheduling.

ZipMessage gives people the immediate inspiration to get in touch, and the grace to respond as time permits. Great compromise.

This just in…

After releasing the course, the great folks at ZipMessage offered us the chance to join as Affiliates. SO in full disclosure, we are now affiliated with ZipMessage. If you decide to join us there… please use our link.

Course Instructor

Kurt Kurt Author

Zip Message – Communication Tool


The ZipMessage Course is free to any level of Membership… just join our community and enjoy what it has to offer. 

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