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Ain’t What they Say – Big Pharma

The more I look at reports and try – try to be open-minded, the more I have to recognize that Natural Leadership in our society is severely damaged. Is it beyond repair? I hope not. As I look to our series of “It Ain’t What They Say It Is”, I land on some thoughts about Big Pharma and its effect on our society. If we go back to my book, I talk about how everyone – everyone, has a direct natural calling to a position of leadership. As individuals forego that calling, they leave gaps of natural leadership open to unnatural leadership. This stair steps its way up until great positions in society are able to be filled by bad actors.

This is my answer to the current administration, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, and the idea that our radio and tv signals are still full of “Get Vaccinated” ads when the CDC has already rolled back its position. You see, natural leadership would have asked (in the beginning):

  • What type of illness is this?
  • What is currently on the market that inhibits these symptoms?
  • What is a cost-effective way to mitigate sickness?
  • How does the virus travel?
  • What effect does natural immunity play?
  • What mitigation factors must we consider in addition to the virus?
    • Education
    • Economy
    • Depression
    • Controlled substance abuse.
    • Increased crime

What does unnatural leadership do in the wake of a pandemic, besides possibly plan one?

  • How can we subsidize the research and make others pay?
  • How can we maximize dollars for shareholders and lobbying funds?
  • How can we maximize distribution?
  • What collateral can we demand on a global scale?
  • How long can we hide the lack of research performed?
  • How can we remove competing mitigation sources from the market?
  • We must remove any liability from ourselves!

When the bullet points are fundamentally opposed to one another, you get completely different results. I tried to listen to the audiobook — The True Anthony Fauci. I had to shut it down around 75% through the book. I grew up in the AIDS scare and having all of that regurgitated and learning of the post-scare release of reports, studies, and testimonials by those that encountered Dr. Faucci makes the logical individual wonder “How in the world is this guy in charge of anything?”.

Then again… he got away with it before. Why would he think he wouldn’t get away with it again?

The be all – end all of the Covid experiment is that the people in charge had none of it right. Worse, when critical thinking people pointed out the lack of logic in the plan, they were ostracized, labeled as all kinds of things… terrorists!, conspiracy theorists, morons, vaccine deniers, science deniers, murderers, and on it goes.

Now, Dr. Birx is on video saying she knew the vaccine wasn’t going to work. If she knew, didn’t everyone else on the team know? So then where did all the money go that went to give the population FREE vaccines? They knew the vaccine wouldn’t work, so they changed the definition of the vaccine. Does that sound like something a “Natural Leader” would do?

Back to the title – this is supposed to be about Big Pharma… not the enablers of Big Pharma.

Look at the news, the ads, the articles, and the paid-for politicians touting how great medicines are for us. The FDA website lists some of these statistics in reference to Pharma’s Direct to Consumer advertising. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claims that 70% of News Advertising Revenue comes from pharmaceutical companies. If seventy percent of your income were coming from your Uncle George… would you bad mouth Uncle George in public?

A sobering thought is that pharmaceutical companies spend more on marketing than they do on Research and Development. This link at Pharmacy Checker goes into some details. Now in terms of the Covid 19 mishandling, not only did the taxpayer pay for the development of the vaccine that doesn’t work but our FREE dosing is funded by our tax dollars which are being recycled to Lobbyists and Media Marketing budgets (after posting huge profits) to further the brainwashing that it was a good thing, when it was a horrible failure.

Big Pharma isn’t what they say it is. It is not a benevolent association of business people gathered to add well-being and health to a population. It is a force for commerce that is dependent upon the populace being sick in order to ever-expand its income and revenue streams. Adulterating the food supply, pumping out chemicals, and brainwashing people through media is not benevolent. The first steps to health are common fitness, a healthy diet, rest, and proper relationships. If big pharma embraced the primary steps to health and subsidized earnings through moderate, sensical intervention… authors like me wouldn’t be forced to call them out. Follow the money.

Even the Huffington Post questioned the ties of Big Farms, Big Pharma, and Big Food way back in 2010. For years it was believed HIV caused AIDS, so when people with AIDS didn’t have HIV… they changed the definition of AIDS. For years, they linked hormone imbalance to depression and started passing out profitable drugs. Just this year, it is coming to light that Chemical Imbalance is not the cause of depression... what were the side effects of those drugs again? Where are the CDC, HHS, and FDA on all of this? When you look at the details, it seems they exchange staff and wallets pretty freely.

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting has been dismal, but even at the reported rate… this vaccine is dangerous. Its efficacy was reported to the American people as a “Relational Efficacy” and not an actual efficacy. The reporting that showed its incredible decline in efficacy was intended to be locked away for seventy-five years but has been released with the other documents to show us – in black and white. It is not about health. It is about dollars. So much so that it doesn’t matter if the product works or not – as long as someone will pay and they are free from litigation.

Now, fearing a “Red Wave”, Dr. Fauci announces an early retirement (earlier than stated when Biden took office). Dr. Birx and Bill Gates are making talks about “Hey, we tried.” “It was a learning experience… ” but there is one thing missing along the way. Where is the accountability? Where is the support for the adversely affected? Where is the financial responsibility to those that invested through insider trading and got rich off of fleecing the tax dollars, while negatively impacting society with illogical mandates and emergency orders?

See, we are back to the core thought. If natural leaders accept the call, stand up, put down their marker and take their role to add value to others… the natural fulfillment of leadership expands. When we sidestep that calling, unnatural leadership leads to unbridled selfishness and a lack of focus on the thing that matters most… the people in the circle you were supposed to add value to – not harm.

Looking at the damage I see from Big Pharma, what can we do? What can the average person do to help restore the rift in society caused by not only the Covid 19 debacle but the results of poorly executed medicating in general? Grace. Good leaders extend grace. Imagine being someone that got the C-19 vaccine and the betrayal they might feel especially if they lost someone shortly after vaccination or suffer an adverse reaction themselves. Imagine having never wanted it, but giving in to a mandate to keep a job. Imagine vaccinating your kids against your will to send them to school. Imagine you are one of the victims of the surge in miscarriages and have to wonder if it was the vaccine. Imagine you lost your job, were separated from family, or were denied travel to attend a funeral because you refused the vaccine. Think of the media and messaging to continue unvaccinated as you were labeled a domestic terrorist or murderer.

Now, the CDC says we are all the same. How about a little grace as we try to heal that rift and focus not on our “position” but who put us there.

Kurt von Ahnen

**** This editorial series in the Action Leadership Team is not intended to be incendiary – left vs. right. It is intended to cause thought that is counter mainstream and inspire the question “What is my natural call to lead”.

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