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Ain’t What They Say – Student Loans

Another in our series of “Ain’t What They Say”. Over the last couple of days, I have written on healthcare and abortion as elements of the triggers that society is activating on us all. Today, I am switching gears again. We all keep seeing the posts about the government coming up with a plan to cover outstanding student loans. People are enthusiastic about their positions on this one. Hopefully, we can have a calm moment to actually look at the concern… the root cause.

One of the first things I would like to point out is that as reality slapped a ton of people in the face about their ability to float the financing of further education… they went into the trades. Let’s say you decide to be a motorcycle mechanic. Well, an education at MMI (Motorcycle Mechanics Institute) may set you back thirty-thousand dollars or more. Then there are the tools a mechanic needs to furnish themselves which generally run in the ten to fifteen thousand dollar range to start. Investing in tools never really stops.

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Plumbers… well, there is the apprentice and journeyman path with reduced wages. Union fees if you go that way. Then you have a truck, tools, and safety gear to consider. If you work for yourself, the cost of business is yours. If you work for others, they may offer the company truck, but your wages reflect that you are an employee and not an owner.

Electrician, General Contractor, IT Security and the like have similar paths. There is a pathway to education to do the job, supplies required to do the job and sacrifices along the way.

If we look at College the same way… a pathway to a career, then what makes the decision for college so much more forgivable?

Whether in education or preparing to work in other ways… I view all of it as investments in the future. If I want to be a doctor and that requires 8+ years of post-secondary education, what is my cost and my implied return? Many intellectuals bypass this line of thinking in some format to believe that their path of learning adds an intrinsic value to society beyond the results of being productive. In the trades, it becomes what can you do? What is that worth? Intellectuals taking courses on the benefits of pyramids and butterflies can understandably have difficulty in assigning a production value to that focus of education.

In much the same way we discussed the Affordable Healthcare in our previous article, I would be remiss in addressing the pure excess in cost for the education being provided. I still can’t believe there is a documentary out right now asking highly educated people “What is a woman?” and they are struggling to define the term. Let’s face it, much of this series is stemmed from concepts that have been pushed by facilities of higher education. I work in the e-learning side of the web-development world. I know firsthand what it really takes to build an effective, efficient learning platform. I know how to source content. I know what the value of education is – both intellectually and financially. It is not the sum total of these loans.

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  • Abortion
  • Big Pharma conditioning
  • Censorship
  • The phrase Follow the Science
  • Transgenderism and the topic of Gender Studies
  • CRT – Critical Race Theory
  • etc

Before the citizenry agrees to pay off the loans of people that had the choice to go to college or not… before the citizenry agrees to pay off loans that may have been used for lifestyle maintenance over education… before the citizenry agrees to zero the balance of people whether they have proven to be productive to society or not… shouldn’t we at least know what we are paying for?

What percentage of the loans has been used for food, lodging, parties, and transportation? That is a fair question. If we were solely reimbursing the cost of tuition and books, that might be a great place to start a negotiation. But I have something else for you. Do you know how a vehicle may have an expired warranty, but the manufacturer recognizes a common issue and agrees to cover part of the repair? How do you think that happens? Well, I will tell you. The dealer doing the work and the manufacturer both negotiate the lowest they can do the work for, then offer a partial “Goodwill” contribution for the customer.

Using the car example, doesn’t it make sense that if we believe as a society that the student body has been fleeced by the educational system, and it requires citizen participation to alleviate that pain… the learning institutions themselves would be responsible for kicking in substantially? You see, when politicians earn hundreds of thousands of dollars to speak at these schools – where did that money come from? Where does all the endowment money go? If the schools have this kind of cash flow, why is post-secondary education so stinking expensive?

The pandemic showed us that many companies and schools can go virtual. If we drill down to brass tacks focused only on the necessities… we don’t need dorms, we don’t need fraternities, we don’t need expensive conference/presentation arenas. If you are asking the citizenry to buy off on your scheme, what are you bringing to the table to make the outcome better? If the plan is to zero the books, refund the schools and reward them for fleecing America – that plan is greatly flawed and will result in no buy-in.

I hear you. What if you believe that the schools inherently provide immeasurable value. What if you dismiss the idea that there is a fleecing of the American student and they are in fact receiving a value for their investment? Well… then it looks like they received the value for their investment and no buy-out is needed.

If we believe that the schools haven’t fleeced Americans and that we still need to zero out student loans, then I have more bad news. If that were true, then ethically we would have to reimburse every American in the trades for the cost of certification, tools, and outfitting for the jobs they perform. Newsflash! The trades that you may dismiss take more critical thinking and education to perform than you may imagine. A new car has tens of computers on board to control the mechanical systems. A technician needs to decipher whether a concern is digital or analog and be equipped to fix either. What some call the elite seem to be pushing these trigger points on our society and when you really tear into them… it just ain’t what they say it is.

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