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Leaders Don’t Take – They Give

I can’t help myself. I see the posts in my Social Feed just like you. However, my filter may be a little different as I am so very focused on the principles of leadership and getting people to take the first steps into their called positions of leadership. Yesterday the feed got rolling early.

Apparently, somewhere, Joe Biden made a statement about reducing school lunch allocations for schools that fail to allow non-binary, trans-sexual children to use whatever bathroom they want. For some reason, Joe and his crew are bent on creating this weird social construct for children – yes kids, that is dependent on who you think you want to get naked with.

They could draw delineations based on employment dream roles – like maybe Service Industry folks over here, Intellectuals over there, First responders and health care over in that corner… but no. Our current streams of influence in our society (Yes I used influence on purpose – read the book!) are leveraging sexual attraction as the go-to divider in youth arenas.

In my book, I discuss the repercussions of ignoring your own call to leadership and letting the unnatural fulfill your role. As we see one failed thing after another from our highest levels of leadership, we have to ask ourselves. “How many layers of natural calling have been ignored?”

Look at the top distractions of our time:

  • Inflation
  • Guns in schools
  • Economy
  • International Policy
  • Energy – namely gas

Then look at what society’s leadership is force-feeding you:

  • Transgender phobia
  • Johnny Depp and Amber Heard
  • January 6th proceedings

I know. Some may read this and get the feeling that they’ve been wronged or that I am a jerk for printing this. I keep it real and if we are to accept our intended roles of leadership, we sometimes have to face the music. As much as you may care about a distractionary topic that is hot in society… chances are it does not fall into a defined essential pillar of concern.

The distractions that leadership offers us are just that. They distract us from the important. They distract us from essential pillars of concern. What are essential pillars?



Relative Security

Basic Education

Basic Healthcare

When we allow non-natural leaders to be in charge of the overall picture, it becomes Ukraine, Oscar Slaps, or Depp/Heard hearsay. For years, on both sides of the political spectrum, we have heard how bad we all believe leadership to be. My feed these last few days is about taking lunches away from hungry children to force adults to allow children to make adult decisions in a child’s environment. This is beyond stupid and I cannot believe this is the distraction of today. Leaders don’t take – they give. A real leader would ensure lunches get to deserving children while affording some type of equity to the very small – minute percentage of kids that feel slighted for their bodies given them by a loving creator. (that’s another post) Why are we allowing it and how does it happen?

It’s in the book. Take your seat at the Edge of the Circle and become an Action Leader.

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