Rough Week, Defeat… Support

I had a really rough couple of weeks on the road. I had a mechanical failure with my van as I was traveling for work in Texas. It’s summer. I had no AC and the truck was overheating through the desert on the way to Austin. Once I got to Austin the damage had worsened and I barely got the minimum done for the trip. In business terms, this was a loss. But in Leadership terms…

Let me explain. As someone that is a “SIlver-lining” type person, it is important to salvage the semblance of a win out of what seems disastrous. The feelings in the moment can be overwhelming. It’s hot. I’m in a strange place. I can’t seem to get out of traffic. Where are the stores? I am running out of supplies. My phone overheated and isn’t working. Maps shut down. I am lost. Yes, this all occurred on the final couple hundred of miles driving to Austin. It was horrible. Once I got to Austin though, I had to get cleaned up and rush to a training event I was running late for, then put on the best face possible for two more days… then get back to worrying about the van.

While this was going on, I jumped back into my social media accounts to just update folks. I had been on sort of a hiatus from social media for months and was not expecting a big response. I posted a few Facebook Live videos of the van overheating or being stuck waiting for it to cool down. Once I got the van to the campground I had reserved, I was able to charge my electronics and use them with efficiency, especially at night when things cooled down.

I felt defeated but was doing all I could muster to stay effective and take the next steps. What followed surprised me.

I began getting messages, comments, emails and voicemails from all over. “What can I do? ” “What do you need?” “We are just in the next town over, you have a place to stay.” “Can I pray for you?”. This was very humbling. I had a guy that I used to race against message me from Oklahoma asking what he could do and willing to come to get me. Really? You haven’t seen me in 10 years, but you’ll hop in your truck to come help?

I have a friend in SoCal who not only offered to hit the road to get me but said we would rent a trailer and haul the van back home. In the end, I decided to leave the van in Texas and fly home. We will find a U-Ship vendor to pick up the van and bring it home. So here I am in Southern California staying productive on the Action Leadership Team, helping my friends at LifterLMS, and recycling my offers for the Powersport Academy, when my son brings in the mail.

In the mail is a check from a friend sending back the money I left him to reimburse him. He brought me a part on the road that the truck needed and I felt I needed to pay him out for fuel and the part. He didn’t see it that way. It’s time I humble myself and cash the dang check. There was also an envelope that was not mailed, but placed in our mailbox.

It has cash in it with a note…

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace. You are loved.

Anonymous Note

Did I ask for the check? Did I ask for the cash? Did I ask for rides to OKC or San Antonio? No. This outpouring of support and love is exactly what I am trying to share with everyone through the work here at Action Leadership Team. These responses are a direct response to the years of influence, created by action, and embraced through relationships.

I am thankful. I am humbled. But I am also strengthened because I know that I am not doing this life alone.

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