About Us

Years in the making… the time is right. Decades of corporate work, entrepreneurism, competition sports, and writing books. 

What We're All About

Towing the line and watching your P’s and Q’s were phrases that made sense long ago. Now we live in a culture that is suffering a great leadership void – a vacuum. We could complain about it, or we could put the principles in writing and lead more leaders in adding value to their people. 

This project is formalized by the publishing of Kurt’s book “Action Leadership From the Edge”, in which he describes his take on leadership being for everyone. We all have a certain place in our circles where we are called to lead. With a little nudge, he also believes everyone has the capacity to build 

Learn Something Every Day

Whether you are a stay at home mom, riding your mountain bike, an executive bouncing from conference to conference… or freezing at the Grand Canyon with your kids (see Pic)… Every day brings a piece of wisdom. 

Kurt von Ahnen
Our Vision

Who We Are

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

This was me. Thrown out of school with just months left to graduation. I had all the answers, a bad attitude and while friends stood by me (for a while)… I knew I was greatly off-center. 

As I grew in the corporate world, I noticed I could make a path to success by working my tail off. I had no patience for those that didn’t follow suit. I had drive – but I didn’t have leadership. When I would climb the rungs of the corporate ladder, few would follow. I had a core of fellow driven people to tell me I was right… and after all don’t we all want to be right? This core kept me flogging away longer than I should have. 

Between diving deeper into my faith, and recognizing that people didn’t really want to follow me although everyone wanted me to “manage things”, I knew I needed better foundations. I dove into Leadership study, performed case studies, and wrote the book. 

My team is here to help you get there quicker. 


Learn From Industry Leaders

As the Action Leadership Team grows and the VIP Masterminds take shape, the peer-to-peer learning opportunities are amazing.

Learn at Your Own Pace

It's your time and your dime. Heck, even if you are in the Free Introduction Course... we pride ourselves on being here when you need us.

Professional Certification

VIP and Enterprise Members get a Certificate of Completion for the work done in our system. HR loves accountability and certs drive morale.