It’s that time. Time to see how your focus on Leadership is affecting your perception of self and drive to grow. One of the things that I catch myself doing here is talking about growth. I want to clear the air here. Not everyone is counting growth the same, and that is ok. So while I may use terms of growth as in:

  • how many paid speeches given
  • how many books sold
  • how many websites developed

Others may be content in the quantity department and see growth in another way:

  • how anxious was I before the last presentation
  • did the kids listen to me at halftime
  • am I sleeping well
  • am I drinking more or less

The more we begin to extend ourselves grace and recognize that Action Leadership can manifest itself in many different ways, the more we will get from the study of the subject.

How’s this for a true story? I was once talking about leadership with someone during the process of writing this book. As I was going on about how I wanted to add value to people and help them get started on their leadership journey, even if leadership reluctant… this gentleman shared with me how he gauged success by not succumbing to thoughts of suicide.

Wow! We are all somewhere on the journey and as one of my great friends says “You Matter” (Tammy Joy). When I think that inspiring someone to accept their role in leadership is akin to them finding purpose in life that smashes the thoughts of suicide… wow!

With all that in mind… Let’s take the next assessment.

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