Ain’t What They Say – Jobs Edition

Someone needs to call B.S. on this narrative and call it as it is. Sure there are tons of jobs posted and there seems to be a fair amount of responses to those posts, but then the strangest thing happens. People are not being interviewed and the jobs are either not being filled, or they are being filled in ways that defy common sense. With peers directly attached to the recruiting market and job board sources, I keep hearing from their side that employers state they cannot find skilled or qualified workers.

From my own personal experience, I can tell you that qualified candidates are submitting. I can tell you they are either ghosted or bypassed.

I have had people ask me…

“Why do you push so hard with Mañana No Mas! instead of just getting a new job?”

Some say —

“The more you post about your own company, the less another company would hire you.”

Well – not for nothing – since 2020 I have applied for literally hundreds of jobs.The results…???

The shocking part is that with my background – many have gone unanswered or rejected without even a phone call or preliminary interview…

Are the postings real?
Is there so much talent available – competing applicants so good I didn’t even get a call?
Are people using the posts to simply acquire data?
Is the rumor that companies are still staying downsized but need the ads to justify their PPP loans real?

Maybe you think I am over-reacting. But isn’t the media telling us about the worker shortage and the 2-jobs for every applicant narrative?

Would you be interested in a short list of names that have skipped over me without an interview in light of my background?

Volcon E-Powersports Volcon | ePowersports
Fisker Fisker Inc
Fox Suspension
Full Throttle
GP Strategies
Harbour Freight Harbour Freight
HiSun Hisun Motors Corp., U.S.A.
Honda American Honda Motor Company, Inc.
Icon Aviation ICON Aircraft
Jensons (Bicycles)
Kajabi Kajabi
Lucid Lucid Motors
Monster Energy Monster Energy
Pivot (bicycles) Pivot Cycles
Specialized – 2x’s (bicycles) Specialized Bicycle Components
Porsche Porsche Cars North America
Reign – Energy Drinks
Royal Enfield Royal Enfield
Super 73 SUPER73, Inc.

So you can see why I continue to push Mañana No Mas! and drive revenue for my family. My services also take action…

Action to help others like me.

Action to help other qualified people put their talents to use as coaches, consultants, and trainers through the Membership and Learning sites I develop and through connecting others with a talent for public presentations.

I am hearing the same confusing story from many professionals. Maybe all these open positions are baristas, cashiers, and forklift driver jobs?

If this is you, I would love to hear your story. Maybe there is a Coaching Site just dying to have your name on it.

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