Building a Race Bike: A 15-Year-Old’s Guide

KurtDecember 17, 2022


Haydon was presented with a unique opportunity – a free Kawasaki KX85 that had been sitting in a barn, but was in terrible condition. Despite the rusty chain and dry-rotted plastics, Haydon showed his dedication to the project by ordering parts from Amazon and visiting a local dealer. With some hard work, he was rewarded with a speedy Kawasaki that he could be proud of.

Haydon’s story is an inspiring example of what’s possible when you take a leap and try something new. He was initially intimidated by the little green Kawasaki 85, but with a little courage and support from his peers, he eventually conquered his fear and ended up racing it at Glen Helen Raceway. Though his time with the bike was short-lived, Haydon outgrew the machine — proving that it’s possible to achieve great things when you face your fears head-on. So what came next?

Haydon was lucky enough to sell his KX motorcycle, which he had lovingly restored and ridden for two seasons, for an impressive $1900.00. He quickly put this windfall towards the purchase of a 2008 Honda CRF250r, which also needed some work before it could be ridden again. Haydon is an ideal customer – someone who is passionate about motorcycles, willing to invest in restoring them, and eager to get back on the track.

So a year into ownership of his new motorcycle, through the pandemic, Haydon was able to take his meager earning and savings to invest in the reconditioning of the bike. He had gotten a chance to ride it a few times. Once he rode it at Glen Helen only to suffer a mechanical failure. It was time to take things seriously…

Haydon worked with his dad to order Wheel Bearings, Tires, Throttle Cables, Carburator, Water Pump, Chain and Sprockets. The finishing touch? He ordered all-new plastics. A few weekends and boom! The bike is done. The test-ride… a success.

Think back to the beginning. Haydon was able to take a barn find, Free motorcycle and with time, patience, minimal investing, and a bit of work… transition his motorcycle ownership to having one of the nicest race bikes at the track.

This is leadership. He focused. He persevered. He also became an example for all the young men at the racetrack and in scouts that have watched this transition over the years. They are learning through him, that hard work and focus pays off.

Maybe there is a “Race bike” in your back yard? Maybe it isn’t a bike… maybe its that book you’ve been meaning to author? Maybe its the deck you wanted to build on your house, then invite the small group over to enjoy it? Whatever the case, look to this 15-year old to possibly inspire you. What can you achieve with a little time, patience and work?

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