Intro – 10-Minute Meditation for Focus and Success

Personal Clarity… I am sharing this article with you because I believe in sharing tools to help you succeed. In full disclosure, I am a practicing, active Christian. Many of the phrases in this article could be replaced with “Prayer”, Scripture Reading, Fellowship, and the like. It is not my personal goal to force my own thoughts and beliefs on you as a member, so I also share the other tools I have studied with you. That said if you ever had a question about faith and were seeking with integrity… I would welcome your conversation.

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The Power of Meditation

Slow the World Down – Relax

Today’s world, thankfully, is changing. People are incorporating more holistic practices and mindful practices into their daily lives. From children to elders, meditation is one of those practices.

We all know someone who takes on the practice of meditation. For some people, it’s a daily practice, while for others it’s just for emergency situations. What are some of those emergency situations? It’s those moments where you feel like your life is spinning out of control. It’s for times when you can’t seem to get out of your own way.

Can you become one of the masses and take on the practice of meditation, as well? Does it sound like it’s too time-consuming and not worth the trouble? If you think this way, you’ll be in for an extremely pleasant surprise. Not only is meditation most certainly worth the time and effort, but the rewards will speak for themselves.

There are so many benefits to meditation that will delight and surprise you. First of all, let’s get into the subject of what meditation really is. Some people think you have to be a highly spiritual person or an expert in meditation with a certification to your name.

This is not the case. Meditation is available for everyone, and why not? It has a multitude of benefits.

What is Meditation?

The practice of meditation has been around for centuries. People have used it for religious purposes and cultural reasons. There are as many forms of meditation as there are practices.

The art and practice of meditation basically have one goal in mind – to slow down the mind. Especially in today’s culture, we all have such busy lifestyles and even busier minds. I like to use the dotted lines on the highway exercise for this. When we keep our heads down in frustration, its like looking out your side window at the dotted line while on the highway. They pass so quickly and give you anxiety… but if you pull your head up and look down the lane, they slow down. You can relax. Stress levels are up, blood pressure is up and relaxation is down. This is where meditation comes into play.

The art and practice of meditation is one where you allow yourself and, most importantly, your mind to relax, rest, and rejuvenate itself. You take time to practice the art of breathing, slowing down your mind and coming back to the center.

What is the center? Center is the place where your deepest desires live and breathe. It’s the place where you can move forward and get back on track. The true history of meditation is really the practice of getting into a thought consciousness of total awareness and not letting the mind wander.

However, this is something that takes time and practice. The history and background of meditation is to serve one higher purpose. That purpose is to be in and experience present-moment living.

What is the Power of Meditation?

While some people might view meditation as some sort of woo practice which doesn’t really work, the truth of the matter is that there is the power behind meditation. When a person meditates, brain waves change. Meditation actually has the power to change your mind, or at least your mindset.

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