One Night of Camping – $200.00+

My son is in the Scouts. He is part of a troop that still does the long hikes, backpacking, and monthly events (overnight). I love that he is in this group. He is gaining exposure to peers, opportunities to lead, and wisdom passed down from leadership that will sink in better than hearing it from dad. So what is this type of experience worth? $200.00+ for one overnight, for starters.

Inflation is playing a heavy game with all of us. As I total up the expenses of grocery shopping and fueling up the truck to camp just 100 miles from home, I find myself staring at the realism of “Scarcity Thinking”. How in the world are families to keep up?

I just have the two kids at home. One is a figure skater and the other is in the Scouts. In the midst of Fuel and Food expenditures rising, we also see the necessities like housing, energy, and the incidentals like garbage pick-up all rising. What is a family to do? What does a leader do? After all, I am writing a book on leadership and supporting this site… so what does a leader do? The parent in me wants to provide, and the pragmatist wants to conserve.

Firstly, I need to remember that leadership is an obligation to follow a calling. It is also a gift to share. Leadership is about the people you serve in leadership, not about what they provide to you. In this vein, I need to remember that if sacrifices need to occur in the scarcity spectrum, it will be I that sacrifices before them. So maybe a motorcycle needs to find a new home? Maybe it’s time to liquidate a bicycle in a bicycle frenzied market?

Second, comes the revenue model. As a called leader, I find myself making deals to participate in other people’s dreams if it adds value to them and allows me to flex that calling muscle. Just last week, I quoted an organization just $500.00 to do a public speech to young adults. The venue was just a 90-minute drive from home, so I did not factor in transportation and since I dig the mission… did not factor in an appropriate speaking fee. As a transparent leadership coach, I need to reevaluate that approach. As much as the mission speaks to me, I need to create revenue for the value brought. Truth is, I need to be quoting in the $1,000.00’s and not the $100.00’s for these types of gigs.

It is a sad truth we are being faced with now. If it is going to cost over $200.00 to go camping for one night. If it is going to cost over $500.00 a month to get to and work on the ice, at the rink. If fuel is hovering near $7.00/gallon. Then the abundance mindset must overturn the scarcity mindset – flexing that natural call to leadership and sharing the message with the most committed.

This goes for you too. If your company is located in a region where affordable housing is not an option but insisting you attend the office every day… ask about a travel allowance – even if temporary due to the current fuel costs. If they shoot you down, look for something closer to home or leverage the remote work option. Our current situation may find many in the Living to Work category over the Working to Live folks. I am all about pursuing success, but that also means keeping all the cells of a spreadsheet in balance.

I have a friend that owns a motorcycle parts supply business. He recently ordered four thousand dollars in motorcycle rims to stock. It cost five thousand in freight to receive them. This lunacy will be carried over to the wholesale pricing of the wheels which will have to be reflected in the retail cost to the consumer.

Biking in Holcomb Valley

Famous leadership author, John C. Maxwell, wrote “Leaders see more than others do, and before others do.”. This is a call to everyone that reads these posts. Gaurd your skills, and goods and examine your current offer. Take a hard look at where things are moving to and ask yourself “Can I continue to be sustainable on this model?”. If the answer is no – make changes now before it is too late. If you could keep the price the same, deliver the same value – but increase client flow by 50%… get working on the increased client flow. If you see demand dwindling in the wake of hard financial decisions, find the edge in your offer that can be expanded to increase the value. If you offer more, but to fewer people, you can increase the value package.

Be prepared to make changes now. At least announce the changes, so you can have a better chance of gaining clients before the price hike takes effect. You will see this strategy at our Powersport Academy this week. We are raising our coaching packages while making ourselves available for ultra-custom-in-person coaching packages at a premium.

I know this seems like a stretch. I am equating a $200.00 overnight camping trip to overhauling your business offer or policy. Well, what barometers in your life lead to change? If this is not at the forefront of your mind yet… I encourage you to join us at Action Leadership Team for more.

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