There’s a Trending Article Out on an Entire Police Force Resigning

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After reading the post, what do you believe is the root cause of the issue? I have followed a few threads on this one and it goes all over the place. Some claim to have done research and point to the recent “Person of Color” that became the manager that caused the exodus… Now the race-baiters are on both sides of that. Both sides:

  • The mean black lady is touting her new power and making others pay for their privilege
  • The veteran police staff don’t want to take orders from the black lady

Feminists jump in and say this is exactly why they have to keep fighting… Men refuse to listen to women.

WRAL – a news source covering the mass quitting has cited a few things about Ms. Justine Jones. THey point out that she is a woman of color. They also point out that she has been previously terminated. They also point out that she has a previous lawsuit based on race and gender. Her comments to the suit point out unfair pay and poor treatment during an illness, but the suit was dropped.

So the town makes a DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) hire, and selects someone with a checkered past in terms of previous work relationships, then makes her the Town Manager overseeing law enforcement while she has no law enforcement background. I think you know where I am going with this.

So what if she’s a woman…

So what if she’s black…

What steps did the hiring team take pos-hire to provide Ms. Jones the expectancy of success? I know that hiring teams make many assumptions. they will point to the fact that she applied, so she must be qualified, or at least motivated to become qualified. They might assume that her Master’s Degree would enable her to lead. They may have many assumptions past this that to them… justifies their inaction or lack of investment.

To make the assumption that post-secondary education enables people to lead, especially lead a hands-on community is a major misassumption. The indoctrination and liberal ideology that is purported in the school system now is so much further than it was decades ago. Recent graduates are at more of a disadvantage in leadership positions than ever before as their education is more irrelevant to the bulk of society than ever before.

That may sound harsh, but reality often is.

I believe the root cause is not racism, not feminism, not the patriarchy… rather an absence of natural leadership. When we force circumstances into an unnatural hierarchy of leadership, a lack of alignment ensues. If the hiring team was under some type of DEI pressure… fine… make that call. However, when you do, it is paramount that you find a natural leader to fill that role… then invest in that leader to fully understand the role and the relationships that the role demands.

Am I saying we have to culturally enforce the will of one group into another? No. This is often what I might hear as a retort. Something along the lines of “So what you are saying is that hiring that black lady is fine as long as you train her to act like a white male”. That is not what communication and leadership training is. Proper communication and leadership training teach people to care for one another, understand each other’s positions, and be empathetic to compromised solutions that lead to better team culture.

Better team culture does not culminate in an entire police force resigning. The ball was dropped. How could we help? How can this be fixed?

  • Publicly bring in a consultant for communication and leadership training – all levels of office in the town
  • Keep the staff in place but hold mediation sessions — first small, then more inclusive
  • Monitor Key Performance Indicators of team culture
  • Create an environment of ongoing learning and training
  • Publicly report on the progress and celebrate the wins with the community

Kenly… I wish you luck. I also have time on the calendar you can book.

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