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What Do I Mean – Unnatural Leadership?

I released the book last month and I am thrilled to share it with you, but I have received some feedback in the form of questions. You see, I have been talking about how I believe everyone is called to a certain level of leadership. I also believe that when we forego this calling, we create a leadership void, and voids… well, they have to be filled. This is when we have an unnatural fulfillment of leadership.

Why is this a bad thing?

Some would argue that leadership rises to the top and that anyone willing to fill the role is the natural progression of leadership as they expand up and out. I can see that reasoning. However, I also have personal beliefs etched in my faith. I believe in a combination of Calvinism and free will — that is to say. I believe there is a specific natural calling that everyone experiences – then it is up to our free will to accept. When the void is created, then filled unnaturally… it contradicts the creator. It disturbs the cycle of “Intelligent Design”. I also believe that this occurrence is like a pebble thrown into a still lake. The effects travel a great deal further than intended or imagined.

Like him or not… this message fits

For some looking in from the outside, I could see you likening my thoughts to the “Butterfly Effect”. The idea is that the slightest change in one thing can have great repercussions elsewhere. My goal in this writing is not to convert anyone to my faith. If my writing causes questions and I can answer some… great. But my focus is on Communication and Leadership and I felt compelled to let you know where the foundation of these theories comes from.

Regardless of your leanings to the Right, Left, Center, White, Black, Communist, Gay, Straight and other… you can see that there are people in a high position of leadership that have zero alignments with your thoughts or beliefs. How did this person or these people get there? Let me give you some to ponder.

  • Hosting children at a Sexually charged event – gay, straight, trans or otherwise
  • Teaching children (young children) about sex outside of the home
  • Sending billions of dollars to any country for which we do not have a formal alliance with
  • Abandoning US Citizens in a hostile environment while arming the enemy
  • Arming the citizens of one country with small arms, while at the same time trying to disarm a different nation
  • OK- I’ll go there… One group is upset that there are empty folders in a raid, while the other group says the empty folders point to innocence
  • The CDC puts out new guidelines saying the Vaccinated and Unvaccinated are the same — schools still want to enforce vaccine mandates and masking
  • The CDC says we shouldn’t test the non-symptomatic any longer, while cities like San Diego require either a vaccine or a negative test to attend an event — meanwhile, the vaccine does nothing to prevent catching or transmitting
  • Dr. Birx is on TV saying they knew — yes, they knew the vaccines were not as effective as stated
  • Half the country is now labeled by the administration as Extreme, MAGA, Terrorist
  • Other Half of country is labeled Woke, Socialist, also Extreme
  • One official can have an email server in their basement full of Top Secret stuff while having boxes in storage is a big deal

The giant sways back and forth in these scenarios is our problem, our obstacle. It wasn’t long ago that the majority of our citizenry enjoyed the company of others that had different thoughts. Very few identified as the extreme of anything and the mainstream – well, the mainstream co-existed. I didn’t know if my teachers growing up were gay, single, married, liberal, or conservative and that is how it should be.

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My daughter attended a well-scored High School in our region and while she took three years of Spanish and can’t speak any… she did get an earful about President Trump and was taught the left-leaning ways during the Spanish time. Now, if the Hispanic community knew that Spanish time was Democrat time… I wonder if there would have been an uproar. As for us, we pulled our daughter and home-schooled the remaining 3.5 years of High School.

When the President’s administration can do nothing in a bi-partisan way, it is broken. When schools put personal agendas before the education of our children, they are broken. When we allow semi-wealthy people to join Congress so they can become extremely wealthy in office… it is broken.

You are just a small person in a super-small role. Yep – me too. But if we can fill our natural roles – whatever side of the spectrum you are – with affirmity and confidence, then we can put out feet down when appropriate. Imagine a whole wave of leaders stepping up and saying “Not on my watch”. Imagine this becoming contagious so that over time… these people grow into larger roles and backfill the open positions with more natural leaders. Think back to that ripple in the pond. Just think if every layer of that ripple was filled with competent – natural leadership.

As we go further and further up the chain, we see things like a drop in corruption, a curtailing of theft, a more positive outlook on our legislation, pride in our nation, and a stance on the world stage that beams with alignment instead of division. It doesn’t need to be a top-down thing, but rather a grassroots movement to be better, be alert, and be open.

This is not magic. It is work, commitment, teamwork, mentorship, accountability, and a willingness to call B.S. when it happens.

Where are you called to lead?

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