Action Leadership
From the Edge

Everyone has a place in Leadership on the Circle. 

Welcome to the Course Area

I am so thrilled to have you here. I split the courses to align with levels of Leadership Training and access based on the Membership level you chose. 

I also believe that confidence in some technical tools can help us in our leadership journey… so I have those available as well. 

Please, treat this space as your community. I have great plans to expand this space with awesome features as the community grows to fill it. 


VIP – Live Sessions

This is the meeting place for the do’ers. It’s not that people here are better than anyone else… it is a place for those that

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Below you will see an embedded video message. What makes it cool? You can play it to find out 😉 What I really love about

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LifterLMS Quickstart Course

Discover how LifterLMS empowers you to easily create, sell and protect engaging online courses and memberships from your WordPress powered website in 1 day without wasting time

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Resources Paired with Book


I have worked with a few separate premium providers on Personality, and Natural Work Style tendency. I love this stuff. As you roll through our

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It’s that time. Time to see how your focus on Leadership is affecting your perception of self and drive to grow. One of the things

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Post Assessment

So far in this book, it seems like I have talked a lot about Communication, Leadership, and the benefits of relationships based on the use

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Personal Development

Jot It Down

A full course on the Power of Journaling. Journaling changed my attitude and gave me a greater stride through the COVID crisis. I am hoping

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